Become a PPL Community Member!

Support our PPL community


You’ll get a membership card & number, with benefits including first look & priority booking, discounts, and special offers on

  • Meeting, workshop, & practice room private hire rates
  • One off / day use rates for your public or ticketed events
  • Events, performance, workshops, talks
  • Food & Drink
  • The PPL shop


You’ll also get a newsletter only for PPL community members which will include news & special offers from our partners on our doorstep and across the North West. And we’ll host a networking social once a month just for members to hang out, chat, and find out more.


Individual membership


£10 / month one off or cash

£9 / month direct debit

£50 / 6 month direct debit

£95 / 12 month direct debit


Current students get additional discount on certain items such as private room hire, tickets, and events.

You’ll be able to buy the membership online soon (this week) but in the meantime if you’re interested email


Business / non-profit / community group membership


Prices on application – please email for further conversation


Most importantly, you’ll be supporting our adventure as we grow and develop, working to ensure that culture, creative work, and social good are front and centre of Preston’s future.


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