We are brand new… and starting to build a creative community in the heart of Preston city centre with like-minded PPL. We will be a hive of creative activity, bringing the creative community to the doorstep of the city. We’ll be hosting weekenders & inviting city revellers into our home, converting our courtyard into a mini market, serving up food, drink and creative talent… showing them how we do things. We’ll be roasting coffee, hosting workshops, live shows & setting up our own cinema space.

In the building there’ll be 3d printers, wood working shop, fabrication space, AV & mixed reality kit, printing press, selling space, & hotdesk space. We will be testing new ideas, forming new collectives, inventing new products, pushing the boundaries of new technologies. We’ll have the creative & social business development support in place to help all our residents and contributors bring their vision into reality.

But we need to start somewhere… and that’s where you come in…

Get Involved with The People’s Production Lab

As a maker, as a sponsor, as a partner or punter