100 Days Building PPL

Are you ready? 100 Days Building PPL starts Thursday 12th April

Designed to be a slow burner, getting you, your friends, your communities, the city, and people from far and wide involved, 100 days Building PPL is a campaign that will help change the way Preston engages with its communities. The 100 Days Building PPL is a countdown campaign linking together a variety of events from our weekender food & drink space to workshops to performance.

What’s happening?

Every day there will be an opportunity to get involved with Building PPL. From talks, to workshops, to learning new skills, by way of food & drink, social space, opportunities to shop at specialist markets, and of course to have your say on the future of the city, you’ll help build the vision and the action for the building, the performance and activity programme, and have a fantastic time in our weekender courtyard social. And by day 0, we’ll be ready to go, with a space that works for you.

You’ll be able to follow what we’re doing across social media & on our site www.theppl.co.uk. We’ll release new information all the time, people are getting involved bit by bit so keep looking out for what’s happening. We’re not saying we’re perfect, we’re starting as we mean to go on, with a bar and some food in a courtyard.

The first few days…

In the Courtyard

From Thursday 12th 5pm – Sunday 15th 8pm we’ve some great tasty treats for you

Open Thursday 5pm-late
Friday, Saturday Sunday noon – late

late means latest midnight, sunday 10pm

Bubble Bar

A lovingly converted mobile horsebox bar for hire will get the party started and is ready to serve up some of your favourite tipples, including ice cold prosecco, jaw-dropping cocktails and bottled beer.
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Greek Grill House

Our Greek chicken gyros marinade with made with classic Greek ingredients that infuses the chicken with flavour and tenderises it. This is then served with warm lightly grilled pitta bread, rolled up with sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, fries and tzatziki sauce. Vegetarian alternative is Halloumi.

Jonah’s Coffee

Freshly brewed barista coffee and tea from our in-house coffee bar featuring tasty sweet treats and even a cheeky tipple.

Do some learning

There’s still time to book onto our specialist workshops


Learn about Art Council England new project funding grants with ACE’s own David Gaffney, hosted in collaboration with Preston Creative Partnership

… email ppl@theyeatculture.org or just turn up

FRIDAY 13TH 11am-3pm

Event Management Skill Share – with the Eden Project COmmunities

Do you currently or plan to put on events and experiences for your local community? If so, then come and join other community event organisers like you to share ideas, experiences and resources on how to :
• Promote and finance events;
• Keep people engaged and entertained;
• Make events inclusive, fun, accessible and safe;
• Capture and demonstrate the difference we are making in our communities through events.

book on here

Every Day you can…


Talk to Me: our ‘diary room’ style booth asks the public to answer questions on the changing city. See www.talk-to-me.tv

Then The City: first used as a toolkit in 2012 to look at Guild Year & what it meant, Then The City returns to PPL as a way to engage citizen in exploring how they see future Preston, through an open access blackboard where they can answer new questions on a daily basis.


PPL Tours: we show you round the building
Show us your Avenham (Mobile Home): you show us round Avenham
Show us your Preston: you show us your Preston highlights

Bring your camera phone (or we’ll use ours) and don’t be scared if we ask to record your stories! email ppl@theyeatculture.org for tours of the building & show us your Preston, or sally@theyeatculture.org to show us your Avenham.

Engage online:

…at www.theppl.co.uk
and across social media…

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