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Partnership takes shared values, commitment, and an ongoing conversation


We work with partners & businesses from building industries to festivals to health to museums to education to engineering to charities, and of course digital & creative, arts & culture, and all points in between. If your interests touch on what is happening here around creative experimentation, communities, & social good, get in touch with for our case studies and impact evaluation, and we’ll meet and chat about how we can work together.

What do partnerships look like?

Our private sector partners:

Social Good sponsorship and support isn’t all one way. We work best with people who want to have a conversation, not just tick a box. We’re interested in how we can contribute together to the economic, cultural, social, and built development of the city, how we can be the most impactful, and how we can do that equitably and for the social good, not just for the cash or kudos.

Your team gets something out of it: through working and playing with us, they help develop your CSR, develop new creative ideas, mentor new talent, give back to communities, work in new ways, and build their networks of likeminded people.

Your bottom line gets something out of it: our partnership means our innovative R&D approach can give you cash back on your tax bill. The column inches and CSR impact can translate into more jobs on your slate. Your new talent & happy and fulfilled team deliver your work like a dream.

PPL get something out of it: every bit of support we get impacts real people’s lives and opportunities, and helps make change happen on our doorstep here in Preston. We shape the relationship according to individual needs: this has looked like the gift of a building for a year, materials to make things, people’s skills and time, and of course, cold hard cash.

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