Mobile Home & the PPL

They Eat Culture’s – ie us here behind the PPL – major & exciting Big Lottery funded project Mobile Home is taking us out and about into the heart of 5 Preston & South Ribble communities to work, play, and make things alongside local residents. We’re bringing the indoors outdoors through our touring Mobile Home structure, transforming community spaces and examining shared identity through environmental and creative activity co-designed alongside those who live there, and ensuring we’ve all got the opportunity to skill up, develop, and experience cultural programme on our doorsteps.

What’s this got to do with the People’s Production Lab?

PPL is the hub space for Mobile Home. The building is located in-between the city centre and Avenham, one of the areas we’re working with, and provides space for us to produce our work with Mobile Home’s communities. Of course we’re still spending lots of time on the ground across Grange, Larches/Savick, Avenham/Frenchwood, Kingsfold, and Broadfield, but sometimes we just need a bit more space, and we want us all to connect and help shape our new home in the PPL.

Our core team and key associates, architects Baxendale Studio, are engaging the community, co-designing the programme, our social & physical spaces, together.

Our cultural production studio are working to amplify stories from the places we live through developing performance and digital projects such as Saturday Night (is gonna be alright), Three Rooms, and Breadline. Groundwork helping shape spaces through environmental volunteering, and working alongside Preston Good Food Project to help develop community food champions.

Our new programme of activity happening over the summer will be out soon and kicks off in May with a tour of the areas, alongside joinery workshops, creative media skills, and performance development. Keep your eye on They Eat Culture’s facebook page for more information, and sign up for the Mobile Home newsletter by contacting

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